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Compensation / Accidents

The law in relation to these matters is very complicated.  You should contact Ehrich Monahan & Tisdall as soon as possible to obtain proper advice as there are important time limits which you need to be aware of. 

Advertising restrictions in Queensland prohibit us from providing more detailed information about our experience and success in this area unless you are a client or making a genuine inquiry.  If you would like more information, please go to our Contact Us page.

Our Fee

Ehrich Monahan & Tisdall can help.  We provide services on a no-win no-fee basis, free first consultation and can visit you at home or in hospital if you are not well enough to visit our offices.  No-win no-fee means that you do not pay our fee if your case is not successful.  There are no upfront fees either. 

Motor Vehicle accidents

If you have are injured in an accident involving a motor vehicle, as a driver, passenger bicyclist or pedestrian, you may be entitled to claim damages.  Compensation is generally paid by the Insurer of the person at fault (generally CTP Insurer).

It is critical that you obtain advice from your own solicitor to ensure that you are aware of all the benefits and/or lump sum compensation available to you.  You may also be entitled to damages if you are a dependant, or care for the dependants of someone who loses their life as a result of the fault of another.

The Insurance company will not provide you with independent advice and you should not attempt your own assessment as to whether you have a claim or not.

Peter Tisdall will be able to advise you of your chances of obtaining compensation, the process involved and how much you should be seeking.

Work Accidents

If you have been injured at work, or on your way to or from work, you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits and damages.  You may also be entitled to damages if you are a dependant, or care for dependants, of a deceased worker.

It is important that you obtain legal advice before signing any documentation from WorkCover, as that may affect any rights you have to claim damages. Peter Tisdall will assist you with making a WorkCover claim and explain all the options available to you.

Superannuation Claims

If you are unfortunate to suffer a serious and debilitating injury it may be possible to access significant funds tied to your Superannuation Benefits, or other Insurance Policies you may hold.  Peter can assist you to ensure that you provide the necessary evidence to the Fund Managers so that you can obtain your full entitlement.

Dust / Asbestos Diseases

Unfortunately exposure to asbestos has been widespread since the 1940s.  If you have been exposed to the substance and/or you have been diagnosed with Mesothelioma, or any other dust related disease, you may be entitled to compensation.  Peter will register your exposure and conduct your claim for you.

Slip and Fall

Occupiers, especially commercial traders, owe duties to those who come onto their property.  So, you may be entitled to damages for injuries you sustain in slips, trips, falls and the like.  Peter Tisdall is able to assess your chances of success and prepare and submit the claim to the appropriate Insurer for you.

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